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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Here are a few home business start up tips that I will pass on to you...and hopefully help you not to lose money on start up costs...
Especially if you are looking for a way to work at home with little or no 'out of pocket' expense.
To be honest with you, I recommend investing in a home based business as usually you have access to training and all sorts of tools when you make that investment and it saves you the hassle of trying to figure it all out on your own!
(We do not talk about individual companies on this site but if you are interested in finding out more about getting started in a legitimate home based business, let us know and we can get some information to you.)
On this page I will be talking mostly about 'get paid to do surveys opportunities' out there...
We have tried quite a few different opportunities and after we tried a few, it made us a bit more cautious so that we started doing research before we jumped!
'Get paid to do surveys' work at home opportunities'
A few home business start up tips for those looking at doing surveys online...
You can find those almost everywhere you look!
I will share our experience with you here and although it appears that there are people that are successful at it , I caution you to be very, very careful.
I was determined to find out how these things work, and I am not an emotional type of person but I was in tears by the time I finally got through a couple offers - partly from fear and partly from frustration!
This is what I discovered. Here is how those usually work. There may be an offer to get a free computer by filling out this long survey. So what happens is that someone will PAY YOU to complete a few offers on the survey.
They don't want to go through the hassle of signing up for and cancelling all the offers needed to get the free computer...
And it makes sense - they might need to complete 20 offers to get their computer and if the computer is worth $500 they can afford to pay up to $20 per offer... they will pay less for the 'free' offers and more for the paid ones...and still get their computer for a steal.
If you are determined to give it a try here are a few things you need to watch out for:
make sure to read what the policies and procedures state for completing each offer..
check to see what the policies and penalties are on cancelling your subscriptions and trial offers that you will be completing during the survey
some of the offers will not be valid if you cancel too quickly
Be prepared to spend HOURS doing these offers =)
We thought we were being extra careful , kept very careful notes of everything we signed up for.
We signed up for several offers and got paid $40 - $60 and thought ,"Well, that wasn't so bad"...
But a few weeks later we started getting some really high charges on our credit card.
We had written down all the dates everything needed to be cancelled but in some cases they were only open on certain days, or we hadn't read the policies thoroughly enough and the cancellation time was shorter....
All in all, we made about $40 and it ended up COSTING us over a hundred - so you figure that one out. :)
And I am fairly certain we are not the only ones that have been bit by this so am hoping this will help someone else by sharing our experiences!
If you are independent like I am, then you will probably give it a whirl sometime - and you may be one of the few that really get the hang of it and master it.
Stuffing Envelopes for Pay... Many people still fall for the “stuffing envelopes” home job scam...
Which basically works like this, the company runs an ad, and request a couple of dollars and a stamped self addressed envelope.
They will then send you a brochure telling you to make copies of this same brochure and run an ad just like they did...
When you get a response to your ads , you then send out the brochure and tell them to make copies. Yes, it is a scam!
There may be a few rare occasions that you will come across where you will actually be stuffing envelopes for a company but you will still be required to purchase the stamps and at over 40 cents a pop - it can add up really quickly!
It's so easy to work at home's actually painfully uncomplicated. But so often we complicate matters and get overwhelmed with it all!

written by Viola Bontrager of moms-in-home-business

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


What is it that you love to do? What brings you joy? Do you think you can turn thispassion into a home based business?
These are questions, women need to ask themselves when thinking of a home business.My opinion is that it has to be something you love doing and look forward to everyday because for the most part, you will be spending more time at home than in the outside business world, unless your business involves meeting with people on a regular basis.

Google and yahoo search engines can be used as a tool for finding out how the market looks for the particular business you have in mind. Just type one keyword in pertaining to your chosen niche to see how many people are searching for it. over five hundred thousand is pretty good, but anything above 1 million, you will have to work extra hard at promoting your business because competition is fierce. Under one hundred thousand could mean that it is an underdeveloped market that you could become the QUEEN of. And this also takes hard work.

Once you have decided on your niche market, then you can begin building your own personal site catering to the needs of your prospective customers, clients, etc. There are some sites that are offered for free, but with my experience in dealing with them in the past, they are pretty useless for a home business that you wish to become your main source of bread and butter. I have even tried purchasing sites with ready made templates and I have found that this does not benefit me either, being that I need much flexibility in the way I need to present my site and work my business.

Finally I stumbled across what is called HTML. This is whats called Hypertext Markup Language. The coded format language used for creating hypertext documents on the World Wide Web and controlling how Web pages appear allowing connections from one document or internet page to numerous other. I am currently building a site from scratch using this option. But you may say, I really don't have time for that which is understandable for business reasons. If this is the case, then there are some pretty excellent sources to turn to. One in particular is Sitebuild It. With them you don't need to know HTML, you choose how you want your site to look, and they can even build it for you within your specifications. To learn More Go To:

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Are you tired of the hype? Have you ever wanted to acquire some long term skills with a home based internet marketing business? look no further. This course offers over 40 hours of video tutorials along with hundreds of ways to earn an income via the internet, while teaching other life long internet marketing skills. The good news is that very little money is required with these taught skills. I was a student of this course and I have spent less than $20.00 after taking the course and recouped twice what I invested in a months time, (seriously) and I have not looked back since. If you are serious about earning extra income and not just looking for a quick buck click link below:

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