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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


In my quest for a perfect work-at-home opportunity, I have come across hundreds of ads promising the moon, stars and the sun all at the same time and overnight. Because I am a very cautious married mother of 5, I have been very reluctant to fork over my husbands very hard earned money just to get sucked into dreams of grandeur.

I have found that most of these kinds of ads promise thousands of dollars overnight with only the click of a button. Well, what about learning the nuts and bolts of Internet marketing?, What about being able to acquire a lifelong skill that no one can take away from you and being able to use it at will whenever you need it. This is what I decided that I wanted for myself so that I could escape the trap of being an employee, living just above the poverty level, and retiring in that same kind of poverty.

I decided that I was going to search for a program that truly is interested in teaching potential Internet marketers how to fish instead of giving it to them to keep them coming back for more. Isn't this the same thing fortune 500 companies do to their employees, only give them enough to come back for more. Well, even though I lost a little over $100.00 dollars with other programs that had rich content but no rich future on my behalf, I refused to give up. I finally came across a program that promised teach me every thing I needed know in the world of "Internet Marketing" until eventually creating an "Internet Real Estate Market Empire", but I would need to roll my sleeves up and get to work, and that it could be done using free resources on the Internet. They even told the "Get Rich Quick Dreamers" to stay away from there program, that they prefer people who want to learn a real life long skill.

After having seen this I was blown away an immediately invested in the program. This was a little over a month ago and I can say that I am still 100% satisfied and I hope that the other programs out there in the Internet world can be as straightforward and no-nonsense at the one I found. Now I am ready to share what I have learned with other exasperated "Internet Marketing Hopefuls".

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