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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Choosing Wealth as a mindset is something that one is going to need in order to become prosperous. In other words, there is no wealth with a poverty mindset. One will remain in poverty until their mindset is changed into a wealth consciousness. Get rich and business ideas are a great starting point, but without the foundation of having a wealth consciousness, one will remain poor. Think about it for a moment. Over Eighty percent of the population is living in poverty or just above. Even the ones that are in the rat race to keep up with the Joneses while the Joneses are trying to keep up with the rockefellers. The way in which they think will either keep them in debt, and continually overworking for their money.

One must concentrate on passive or residual income. This is money that works while your not. To start, you must utilize the earned income to move you towards passive income. Starting a business is a good way of moving in the right direction. However, there is no magic button in starting a business my friend. It takes planning, development and most of all persistence. This is where most of us fall to the waste side. The quickest way to start a home base business is to first think about what you want to do and how much value will it contribute to the world. For example, if you want to make Two Hundred Thousand dollars a year, find out who's doing it. Mimic what they are doing. That in itself will cut a lot of time and wasted energy from your learning curve. Next, what value will it bring. Will what ever you want to do bring enough value that will warrant Two Hundred Thousand a year? For example, when I go to pay my electric bill. Think about all the people who need electricity and are willing to exchange money for it. Reasons, They are providing you with lights so that you may see, electricity for your stereo so that you may listen to music, and other devices that need this service. That's value. One must learn that there is no free lunch, and even with a free lunch, you must take action to eat it.

Your work is cut out for you in developing your business, but you must be in the right mindset. Your creator can only do for you what he can do through you. Let's say one wants to start a shoe store and he only has a budget for a shoe shine stand. He or she must work that shoe shine stand until it produces enough to expand into a shoe department that sells shoes. Remember the old saying "You must crawl before you can walk". You must grow in everything you do. There is no such thing in not having enough. It is enough for everyone. When one is looking for Prosperity, it is like a fish in the Atlantic ocean looking for water. It is all around you. But you must be open to receive it.(by Randy Gage author of Prosperity). Learn how he went flat broke and was in debt and is now a multi-millionaire within three years. This is what I did when I got sick of being in poverty. I watch The Secret, then it led me to research on prosperity. All other things were attracted to me just from changing my thoughts. I got rid of the lack thinking of poverty mindset and adopted prosperity thinking into my everyday life. It is not quick fix. It takes time to undo what you have been doing for years. Start looking at your bills as blessings you have already received. Because that's all they are. Now, once your mindset has changed, you can go into business giving value and not trying to make a quick buck that you won't be able to keep anyway. That's why the laws of chances don't work. Gambling, winning the lottery. If winnings are made and that money is not producing anything of value, one will loose it all. That is not true prosperity. So there is the light switch. It is up to you to turn it on!

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