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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Do you have a hard time when it comes to setting goals, or are not quite clear how to map them out?

If your answer is yes, then it is time to look this Goliath in the face and slay him, because without goals, you have already set yourself up for failure and your dreams will never manifest in the physical realm. Just as the ant must work his goal to store his food, you as a homebased business mom must work your goal to complete your journey.

When mapping out your goals, remember that they must be clear, realistic, and timely.

When we have well thought out and clearly defined goals, the journey towards success becomes easier, even less tiring. Why is this?

1.) A goal will help you to stay focused.
2.) A goal will keep you realistic in what you are expecting.
3.) A goal will help you to gauge your progress
4.) A goal will prevent you from having anxieties and becoming overwhelmed
5.) A goal will help you to re-evaluate and redefine your strategy to ensure consistency with our objectives.

Never Take Your Eyes Off The Prize

John Maxwell says "obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off the goal". Every time you take your eyes away from the goal, you will definitely fall off track. Not being able to see your goal is a recipe for failure.

Goals helps us to complete our tasks within a particular time frame, for us to make progress. Goals reminds us of where we are and what we are supposed to do to get where we ought to be, or else we will be working hard yet achieving nothing.

Goals must be planted in reality.

I hear the term "Jumping Out On Faith" all of the time, but we must remember that blind faith is foolish. It is foolish to go to the grocery store thinking that you are going to come home with $100 worth of groceries when you only left with $20. Stay true to yourself and check regulary for delusional activity.

Goals helps us to navigate properly.

My sister's husband work for the police department and he is always concerned about her safety, so he bought her this electronic navigator to take with her each time she takes a trip in the car somewhere when directions to the destination are not known or clear. Without this navigator, she would just get in the car ride around until she finally got to her destination or better yet, never find it. Not only is this a waste of time but a set up for failure. She would be driving around blindly. This is why setting goals is good.

Proscratination has no place when it comes to goals.

What must be done today, must be done today, and what must be done tommorrow, must be done tommorrow.
To post pone to tomorrow today's task will only pile up tasks uneccesarily. Therefore overworking ourselves trying to make up for yesterday.

Goals help us to cut down the stress level.

It helps us to work smart instead of hard. Yet, finishing tasks by deadline.

I read somewhere that one of the leading causes of burnout and depression is the failure to tackle simple tasks on time. As tasks pile up one after another, we end up having to work overtime and sometimes overnight; pushing our body to limits it was not designed to go.

Goals help us re-think and re-prioritize.

Finally we need to re-think our strategy to increase consistency. Strategies help us achieve our goals in a more efficient manner. Being a work at home based mom, obstacles are bound to get in the way such as life situations. When this happens we must redefine or tweak them a little. They must also line up with our desired goals. Discarding old ones and inventing new ones if necessary. Goals helps us to set up priority tasks, making the journey easier, one step at a time.

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