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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have come from being an abused wife in my early twenties to being a happily divorced work at home mother now. It has been long and hard but not in the least regretful because I have learned that life gives you what you ask for, whether it be conscious or unconscious. Our thought life and the words we speak on a daily basis is what forms our life. Our thoughts like anything else in our lives must be tended to and nurtured on a daily basis, just as you would nurture a garden after the seed is planted. Our thoughts can also be compared to seeds. If you plant an onion seed, don't expects strawberries, and if you plant a lemon seed, don't expect oranges. This is why it is so very important to watch what enters into our temple we call our body. For instance; If you continually watch or listen to violent material then it will infiltrate your thought life and will eventually show up in your life in some form because it was the seed that you planted. The same is true in reverse. During my years of being with an abusive man and continually choosing not so loving circumstances in my life, No matter what how much I attempted to get out of the situation, I continued to attract the same thing over and over just showing up in different vessels. This is because of the seed that was planted in my thought life early on. I thought subconsciously that taking abuse from other people made me a strong person because it showed the other person up for who they really were. This gave me a sense of power. So I continued to attract the same kinds of abuse with most people I came into contact with. (This is sick thinking but this was the seed that I planted in my life, unknowingly destroying myself with being a victim) Now because I understand the Laws of Attraction, I have begun to re-invent myself in every area of my life. I no longer accept abuse, I have gotten rid of the victim mentality and I work to stay conscious of treating myself in loving ways in everything that I do. One of my goals was to fire my boss and that is what I eventually did. I wanted to call my own shots and work when I wanted on my own terms and I accomplished this. No it was not easy but my passion for wanting to be a work at home mom was extremely strong and I had to go with it. Now I am loving the life that I live and Living the life that I love.

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